Eva Maria Chapman


October 02, 2017

Several critical readers have read both 'Butterflies & Demons' and 'Sexy at 70' and urge me to publish. the first is a fresh look at racism (including my own) and the second that there is sexiness in old age. After menopause I felt my life as a sexy woman was over. At age 58 that all changed; my sexuality returned like a tsunam and I became an outrageous flirt. My husband Jake and I became ardent party ravers in our 60s having an amazing time. As a result we have become like a couple of sex crazed lovebirds in our 70s who adore each other. And that is after 38 years of being together. We inspire many younger people as we are role models on how to age disgracefully and how to grow more into love. Our relationship has become our spiritual path. We have both battled with major illnesses, Jake- with lung cancer and me with diabetes and a rare form of blood cancer. These have become grist for the mill for greater spiritual awareness and the acceptance of life’s vicissitudes.

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