Eva Maria Chapman

Sasha & Olga was published in Australia in March 2006 by Lothian, a Melbourne Independent publisher. I will always be grateful to Averill Chase, the commissioning Editor, who loved Sasha & Olga. However unfortunately Lothian was taken over by Time Warner, who subsequently got taken over by Hachette Livre. This all happened just as Sasha & Olga was launched. As assets were frozen Sasha & Olga was hardly promoted. However a few thousand copies were sold virtually by word of mouth. You can purchase the book in Australia and it is available in libraries. Also at www.imprints.com.au

I now have the rights and the remaining (rapidly dwindling stock) so you can buy Sasha & Olga directly from me through Paypal. See Contact page.

You can search inside Sasha & Olga on Amazon as well as purchase a copy:

You will also be able to read about Sasha & Olga on www.secondwaveproductions.com and purchase a copy. Second Wave productions is the shopping outlet for the School of Movement Medicine. Y’Aacov and Susannah Darling Khan who run this school, were so blown away by Sasha & Olga that they promote it in their dance and honouring the ancestors workshops. See www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com

She has a blogspot on:

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